Your Path to Being the Best Place to Work

The Masterclass is uniquely designed to be experienced in a group setting. 
It includes 9 videos that profile 11 principles so that, when applied, you can recruit and retain your industry’s top talent.
The result is that employees and clients will love you!

Masterclass Principles

Participants Will Learn

  • Cultivating Communication
  • Exploring Empowerment
  • Prioritizing Purpose
  • Activating Accountability
  • Amplifying Attitude
  • Directing Disengagement and Redesigning Resilience
  • Championing Celebration and Revitalizing Recognition
  • Constructing Collaboration and Creating Community
  • Facilitating Flexibility
  • How these principles directly impact their role in your organization
  • What you and your team can do to improve performance
  • The impact on your culture now and in the future

If you wait too long, it could be too late. The time is now.

Imagine how it will feel when your next top recruit says,
“I heard about you and knew this was where I wanted to work.”

Your Masterclass Includes:

  • 9 micro learning videos
  • Audio recordings of modules
  • Downloadable unique set of questions to ask now and additional discussion questions for the future
  • Complete downloadable guidebook for each participant
  • LinkedIn Group to reinforce concepts
  • System to track your progress
  • Copy of Blueprint for Employee Engagement for each participant
  • Coaching for your facilitators

Whew, that’s a lot!

I want to make sure this experience is a success for you. The only way to do that is to ensure you have all the tools necessary.

The cost of turnover can be tens of thousands of dollars in your organization.
When you think about it, if investing in this program saves just one person from leaving, then it more than pays for itself.

Your employees are worth it.
Your clients are worth it.
Your future is worth it.

Are you ready to create and/or sustain the Best Place to Work status?

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