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High Level View

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elizabeth-mccormick-your-inspirational-speaker-flag-FINALOn this episode of Mere Mortals Unite, we interview Elizabeth McCormick, a former Black Hawk helicopter pilot who is disciplined, discerning, and delightful. Elizabeth learned a number of  great life lessons while serving our country. One of the important is how the high level view gives you a broader perspective. Elizabeth will inspire you with her message of not getting bogged down in what’s right in front of you, and how this helps with the decisions you need to make to be successful both at work and at home.  

You’ll discover:

  • How Elizabeth describes her superpower.
  • The benefits of having a high view of life.
  • Why in a helicopter, and in life, you consume more fuel when hovering than when you’re moving forward.
  • The first step Elizabeth took when she decided to become a professional speaker.
  • The difference between living on autopilot and being proactive in accomplishing your goals.
  • Elizabeth’s system to become more discerning: BBFD (bigger, better, faster, different).
  • Why comparing yourself to others is never a good idea.

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