Don't Take Anything Personally

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This episode of Mere Mortals Unite explores a super power solution contained in the book, The Four Agreements, by Don Miquel Ruiz. The four agreements are simple, not easy and their impact is deep. This episode looks at how not to take anything personally.  

It’s a painful existence when you take everything personally.  People will offer opinions of you, but they may be false, created by their own experiences and circumstances in their life.  That set of events is most certainly different than yours.  There is a need to quiet the mind so that it is possible to decipher what people are saying to us as true or not true.  

A person probably doesn’t get up in the morning and plan on cutting you off in traffic and yet you might somehow react as if it was personal.  When people are in pain or jealous they may lash out to alleviate that feeling and not to hurt you.  That is what this agreement is about.  Filtering and being accountable for your own feelings.  

You’ll discover:don't take anything personally

  • To incorporate what we learned as kids
  • The un-intention of other people’s actions and words
  • How to increase responsibility for your own actions
  • The power of accountability
  • The difference between your experience and others
  • Why actions speak louder than words
  • Rewards of not taking anything personally

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