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Developing Company Culture – Professional Movers


Great business leaders are found everywhere–office buildings, warehouses, stages and concert halls. Today you’ll hear from a leader in an industry you might not expect: professional moving.

I’m happy to bring you this interview with Andrew Androff of Professional Movers. What intrigued me about his company is that his management team all began as movers. For Andrew, although a college education is supported, those that have vested their time and grown within the company, possess the qualities to become leaders too. Professional Movers has created a culture that has been voted the Best Moving Service for five consecutive years by their community. Their Company Manifesto acts as their Culture Compass. Let’s find out how he does that.

More about Professional Movers: Professional Movers is a Residential and Office Moving Company that does things so positively different, they forever alter a customer’s expectations for the better. Since 1978, they have redefined the moving industry by creating a company-wide culture that values a compassionate connection with their customers. they take the time to understand their customers’ needs and provide solutions that saves money, relieves their stress, and transforms their perception of what to expect from a professional moving company.

More from Andrew about how Professional Movers developed its company manifesto: We invited our Team Members to put their individual fingerprint on the development of our Company Manifesto. We began by providing each with a document that explained what a company manifesto was and provided examples of other really emotionally positive company manifestos done well. We then provided a questionnaire that asked them specific questions about their role in the company.

We placed a manifesto box in our office and asked the team members to anonymously submit their completed questionnaires. We then utilized their answers to develop our company manifesto. We had the company manifesto printed into a really large design board and mounted it on our office wall for all to see. The Company Manifesto acts as our Culture compass. It reminds us of the fabric of our organization and the direction and goals we are collectively working towards.
You’ll discover:

  • Why a company manifesto is important, and how team members helped develop it.
  • How the company is positively impacting the public’s view of their whole industry.
  • Practical ways they address a customer’s pain points.
  • Why they view their work as a “craft.”
  • Specific things they do that other movers don’t do.
  • Practical ideas Andrew uses to engage employees and develop their company culture.
  • How a simple reminder on the back wall of each truck reminds movers how they can make a difference.
  • How the company’s leaders spot positive attributes of each team member and help develop their leadership.
  • Why their different way of doing business has benefited the company.

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