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From Dream to Success – Dave Nelsen

dave nelsen

How do you take a dream and make it a reality?  How do you start a company with knowledge and no money and create one of the best companies in Pennsylvania?

Today I’m talking with serial entrepreneur and award-winning speaker, Dave Nelsen. We’re going to be exploring a company that Dave started back in 1998 and eventually ended up selling. When I asked Dave what employee engagement means to him, he said, “People passionately pursuing something they believe in while learning from each other, making themselves more valuable professionally (at the company and in their future careers).” You’ll learn how Dave put these words into practice at his company and how you can do it as well.

Dave’s bio: Dave Nelson is President of the Dialog Consulting Group. He speaks to more than 100 Vistage CEO and Key Executive groups each year about  Social Media for Business and Doubling Business and Personal Productivity with 49 Apps You Can’t Live Without. He also speaks to many industry associations and corporate groups.

About Dave’s company: Dialog Consulting Group LLC helps businesses enhance the conversations with their most important internal and external customers using proven social networking, social media, and internet communication tools. Principal Dave Nelsen personally works with more than 500 CEOs (as part of the Vistage International network) every year to help them improve their companies’ sales, marketing, and even internal communications.

You’ll discover:

  • The history of Dave’s company, how they attracted top-notch software engineers, and why they won so many awards.
  • Why they established a “ROWE” company–a Results-Only Work Environment.
  • Why a leader should focus on motivating, delegating, and empowering rather than providing all the answers.
  • The value of “flipping the pyramid” by seeing the CEO as a person who clears the barriers and gives people the resources to get one what they need to get done.
  • Why Dave’s company paid 30-50% higher salaries than their competition for A-list software engineers.
  • What’s next for Dave.

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