Customer Service: Switching the Mindset from Blame to Accountability

customer service

One of the biggest frustrations we face as consumers is experiencing poor customer service. But this is not only a frustration for the customer–it’s also difficult for companies to implement customer service that meets two goals: solving a problem, and doing so with empathy. My guest today shows us how one technology company provides customer service that serves both goals in an innovative and caring way.

I’m happy to feature Carolyn Kopprasch on the first episode of our Businesses That Care series. Carolyn is the Chief Happiness Officer at Buffer, a company that I have grown to love and respect after an extraordinary customer service experience. What makes Buffer unique, and how did they create such a wonderful culture of empathy that is so rare for a technology company? Find out on this week’s episode as Carolyn describes the importance of customer relationships and how Buffer equips its employees to serve with empathy. This episode is full of ideas you can easily implement so that you, too, can be a business that cares.

You’ll discover:

  • How Carolyn describes her superpower.
  • What the Buffer app does.
  • Why the specialized care I received from Buffer made me a customer for life.
  • The importance of communication with customers, and how to do this in a practical way.
  • The value of maintaining a high-quality product.
  • Insights into Buffer’s hiring process, and how they ensure they’re always getting good people.
  • A fascinating behind-the-scenes story: How Buffer implemented a strategy that equipped their customer service reps to skip common questions and get to the heart of the customer’s problem.
  • How Buffer teaches customer service reps to validate a customer’s emotions instead of trying to change them.
  • How they create an environment of learning so that people feel comfortable asking for feedback.
  • Small steps a company can take to help their employees be better empathizers.

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