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Creating a Customer Service Culture – Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority


When you think of “customer service,” what industries come to mind? Perhaps you think of hotels, restaurants, tech companies, or entertainment. On this episode, you’ll learn how one state government agency is leading the way in customer service.

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Kim Heinle, who works with Customer Service and Advocacy for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority. You may have never considered what training is necessary for these workers, but they face many different personalities on a daily basis. For Kim, every day is a new adventure with new opportunities and challenges. He wants a team that truly wants to be there and love what they do. Kim is committed to helping his workforce live productive lives. His main goal is to weave a Customer Service Culture into the fabric of their business.  On this episode, Kim shares how he accomplishes this.

Kim’s bio: Kim Scott Heinle is the Assistant General Manager for Customer Service & Advocacy with SEPTA, the public transit organization for Southeastern Pennsylvania. SEPTA has been in business since 1964, and Kim has been with the organization for 33 years. His goal is to empower employees at all levels to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Further thoughts from Kim on increasing employee engagement and enhancing the workplace culture: “Public Sector organizations need a new approach to business and it starts with understanding why we are here in the first place. Building a SEPTA Customer Service Culture (BASCSC) is now in the fabric of who we are.  It’s the starting point for understanding the link between highly motivated employees and their ability to deliver amazing service to our riding customers and non-riding customers.”
You’ll discover:

  • A unique idea Kim uses at SEPTA to create a more engaging workplace.
  • How SEPTA leads the industry by using social media in its everyday operations.
  • A brief yet fascinating history of modern metro-area transportation.
  • Why the shift from private companies to public agencies made it difficult for public transit organizations to stay customer-focused.
  • The importance of looking at what your customers expect, and what you’re able to deliver.
  • Why front-line team members are so critical to SEPTA’s success.
  • How SEPTA uses social media to serve customers and protect the organization.
  • Kim’s leadership strategies and initiatives to increase employee engage and customer service.
  • Specific ways that SEPTA empowers team members to make the right decision in the moment.

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