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Creating a Culture of Trust – Tier 1


What is the measure of a great company? Is it profits? Size? The number of worldwide locations? While all of those can be significant, one measure of a great company is the level of trust within the organization.

Today I’m speaking with Greg Harmeyer, CEO of TiER1 Performance. TiER1 is an award-winning business that works with organizations on their strategic evolution, talent development, and change. In other words, they’re all about creating value. I first heard about TiER1’s innovative ideas as Lead Judge for the Engaging Pittsburgh awards. I also had the opportunity to hear one of their trainers speak on a subject that is vital in my speaking business as well: strategic change. On this episode, you’ll hear Greg’s innovative ideas for taking your organization to the next level by creating a culture of trust and engagement.

Greg’s bio: Now in his 15th year of business, Greg leads TiER1 Performance in crafting and delivering engaging, people-centered business solutions that help great companies achieve lasting results. TiER1 is a high-touch boutique consulting firm working to improve the performance of organizations through the performance of people to build a better world. A one-stop-shop for performance, TiER1 combines the talents of creative, technology, communications, learning, change management, and project management consultants to design and deliver innovative, people-centric solutions. The company’s clients include Procter & Gamble, FedEx, PPG, Macy’s, Harley Davidson, Delta Airlines and over 200 other marquee organizations.

You’ll discover:

  • How Greg increases employee engagement at TiER1.
  • The first step to building trust within your organization.
  • The benefits of having an employee-owned company.
  • Why “work-life balance” is an oxymoron.
  • The processes Greg uses to build trust and connectivity in the company.
  • The benefits of developing a culture of trust and openness.
  • Greg’s advice for those starting a new business.
  • Why companies should view employees as clients.

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