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How to Create an "Unleavable" Culture

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Most companies are focused on profitability and how they can improve their bottom line. In the process of doing business, it’s easy to forget the number one factor that determines profitability: culture. Today’s guest, Jason Forrest, will help you understand why the workplace environment is so important to your business or organization, and how to improve it.

Jason is the CEO and Chief Culture Officer of Forrest Performance Group (FPG). FPG is a company focused on mastering the art and science of human performance, and was named the Best Place to Work in Fort Worth, TX by FWInc. He’s one of the world’s top sales trainers, and has created a sales and sales management training program that is regarded as one of the world’s best. His focus on motivation and unleashing human performance is contagious. You’ll come away from this episode with the motivation and knowledge to impact your organization and improve your own performance.

You’ll discover:

  • How to create an “unleavable” culture vs. “unfireable” culture.
  • The easiest way to destroy your company culture.
  • Why every single employee has a quarterly coaching session with Jason.
  • The story and purpose behind the “Freaking Awesome” happy hour their company celebrates every Friday, and how it has changed their culture.
  • The most important trait of a highly profitable culture.
  • Why our beliefs have more to do with our success than our abilities.
  • Why every employee gets a minimum of 5 hours of coaching, training, or personal development each week.
  • The relationship between culture, productivity, and profitability.
  • The number one factor that determines your profitability.

Bonus Content

According to Jason, there are 4 levels of employees:

  • Level 1 is usually where new employees come in; they say, “Tell me what to do.”
  • Level 2 employees do what they’re told to do and then ask, “What else can I do?”
  • Level 3 employees proactively look for what else they can do and come up with new solutions.
  • Level 4 employees can lead themselves with little to no direction and are in perfect alignment with the company’s focus.

As an employee “levels up” they become more and more engaged and invested in the company’s vision, culture, and beliefs.

Our beliefs have more to do with our success than our abilities. @UnleashedFPG #sales #beliefs Click To Tweet
Discover how to create an “unleavable” company culture. @UnleashedFPG #sales #culture Click To Tweet

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