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Your Corporate Podcast – Clear, Concise & Consistent Messaging


Does your company treat you in the same way you’re expected to treat a customer? Too many companies don’t remember that their employees are their best customers. When employees feel valued and enjoy coming to work each day, they will serve your clients, and customers better. Laurie Guest, a previous guest, is turning the show around on host Julie Ann Sullivan and talking about “Your Corporate Podcast.”

Your Corporate Podcast was created to engage, inform and celebrate organizations. The focus is to use the podcast, created specifically for your organization, to connect with clear concise and consistent messaging.  It is useful for remote workers, or when an organization gets too big for one-on-one relationships.   With this podcast, your employees can learn more about the organization, its purpose and those you serve.

You’ll discover:

  • The importance of marketing yourself and the changes that you want within your organization
  • Why the proper engagement is necessary for business growth
  • How engaging, informing and celebrating your organization means growth
  • Why marketing to employees is just as important as marketing to customers

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