Growing Your Company Through Collaboration & Community

julie ann sullivan

What does it mean to you to be in a community?
Usually, one aspect is that you have at least one common denominator. The most familiar is location, like the neighborhood you live in.
What if you thought about your workplace as a neighborhood?
Collaboration and Community create a sense of belonging. Humans have craved a sense of belonging ever since they lived in caves. Certainly, there are those who would rather be alone, but for the majority of us, there’s a comfort in being with others.
Working well with others and having the ability to collaborate, are skills you can learn and improve upon every day.
Being welcoming and willing are fundamental requirements for a well-functioning group. Let’s take a look at those two words, welcoming and willing.
What does it look like to be welcoming? For one, it’s being open to another point of view.
This might be an idea that you might not of had yourself OR an idea you always thought was NOT a good idea.
Sometimes we don’t have enough information to decide whether an idea is worthy or not. Being open and welcoming means being willing to take a second look.
Now whether someone is willing is strictly up to each individual. There is no way you can change a person’s opinion if they’re not open to it.
There is also no way to make someone be a good team player unless they want to be. But let’s talk about you.
Do you think you welcome new ideas?
Are you willing to have your mind changed by new information?
To design an inspiring work environment, you must include the opportunity to share ideas and best practices as opposed to hoarding them.
The idea that you are there to help one another boosts the power of collaboration so you all can exceed expectations.

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