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headshot 2On this episode of Mere Mortals Unite, we interview Beth Caldwell. She was my very first mentor and continues to teach me as our friendship has grown. Beth says that being an optimistic person gives you better bounce back ability. In addition, being an optimist is attractive and draws people to you. It’s a quality that can shine through to draw friends and clients alike to want to know more about who you are. Natural optimists can also see what others are capable of even before they do. Optimists are realists, too. They have fears like anyone else. Beth delves into fear and how it makes you freeze and stop doing what your passion wants you to do. One way out, Beth says, is to ask yourself, “What’s the best possible outcome for today?” So what do you do when life doesn’t work out? Beth’s got some great ideas.

You’ll discover:

  • Several benefits of being an optimist.
  • What Beth learned about conquering fear when she established her leadership academy.
  • Why Beth says that the greatest problem with people today is that they are afraid of what people will think of them.
  • Why Beth describes optimism as a way of being, not something she does.
  • The power of the question, “What’s the best possible outcome for today?”
  • Actionable steps for increasing your optimism.

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