Cheerman of the Bored – Steve Wilson

Cheerman of the Bored

In today’s episode of Mere Mortals Unite, Julie Ann Sullivan talks with Cheerman of the Bored – Steve Wilson. Steve is an award winning psychologist, joyologist and gelotologist, who uses research and  real life situations to show the benefits of laughter.

Steve’s Super Power

Laughter is a super power for all humans that they are born with. When asked about sense of humor, Steve reports we develop that.  The good news is, a sense of humor is developed throughout your life.

For most of us the ability to laugh and smile is  activated around 4 to 6 weeks after birth! Even for babies that are deaf or blind.  It stays with us all through life.

What Inhibits Laughter?

Stress of modern life, rapid change, things you might be worrying about can camouflage your laughter and sense of humor. The physical act of laughing causes your brain chemicals to change and Cheerman of the Bored - Steve Wilsoncause us to act happy and be healthy.

We live in a society of laugh killers. We’re told to grow up and grim up. We should give everyone the permission to laugh and smile.

Cheerman of the Bored – Steve Wilson says you have to find it again and reconnect to it.

Benefits of Laughter

Research shows that 15 minutes of good laughs are can improve your life! Your muscles relax throughout your body. Kids do this great! Imagine children laughing so hard they become puddles of laughter on the floor.

Enjoy meals with a fun group. Your digestion will work better. You will get more nutritional value from your food, too!

Your immune system will work better. The garbage cells are taken to the dumping station when you are happy and laughing. Stress causes the production of cortisol> Cortisol inhibits the reduction of the bad stuff in your body.

To find out how you can get your laughter back, download Cheerman of the Bored – Steve Wilson and discover how you can find your super power!

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