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This episode of Mere Mortals Unite explores the super power solution of celebrating.  Learning how to celebrate even the small stuff, enhances all aspects of your life.

In business, celebrating milestones encourages employee engagement. Strategic goals are usually long term. Breaking down goals into smaller steps allows people to celebrate progress instead of waiting years to feel good about their work and participation.  

Utilizing this strategy on a personal level can affect every relationship that you have.  With the skill of celebration comes increased self esteem and a feeling of accomplishment.

In a business setting this is a skill that can cost nothing and can increase productivity, creativity, engagement and a willingness to work together. On a personal level, the increased feelings of accomplishment is a great attitude enhancer.  

You’ll discover:

  • The importance of breaking large scale goals into smaller stepscelebration
  • How to practice celebrating
  • The connection between celebration and employee engagement
  • Specific ideas on how to increase celebration at work
  • How celebrating increases self esteem
  • When a celebration can affect relationships

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