Celebration Generates Success

celebration and success

How do you feel when you celebrate an accomplishment?  When your peers share that exuberance, is it more meaningful to you?  Celebration is an emotional activity we too often save for birthdays, weddings and graduations.  Understand the power of celebration and you might create reasons to jump up and down more often.  Once recognized and enhanced, it can catapult productivity and the creative mind.  there’s more to celebrate than meets the eye.

Ultimately people remember how you make them feel.  This is also true for the relationships between colleagues or you and management. Are you postponing celebrating in your workplace?  There are a lot more opportunities then you may think. Take time to stop and notice where they might be. Celebration doesn’t need to be expensive.  It can be an acknowledgement.  The feeling is the same.  Humans like to feel validated. When humans feel validated, they become more engaged in their activities. When a workforce is more engaged they perform at a higher level.  They’re healthier too.  Does that sound like a good result to you?

Can you really celebrate too much? I don’t think so. Your business has strategic goals. The tendency is to celebrate only when the goal is completed. When celebrating is incremental, employee engagement flourishes. It creates a successful team atmosphere and connection. This is especially true when success travels through different departments. Here is a true life example.

Company XYZ was creating a new product which they knew would take several years. There would be a design phase, a production phase, a testing phase, and finally a sales phase. Instead of waiting until the first product was created, built, and sold, they celebrated the completion of each stage; everyone celebrated, engineers, line workers, and the sales team. First they had a cookout of hamburgers and hot dogs and some veggie burgers too. (You always want to be inclusive.) As they progressed, the meals became more elegant. The idea of incremental recognition works with sales team objectives as well.  Break goals down into smaller steps and choose to celebrate as each one is accomplished.  Each milestone can be communicated and highlighted by a different activity.

On a personal level these strategies work as well. You can celebrate if you get a good parking spot. You can celebrate when you accomplish a goal you’ve established for yourself. This works much better if you write your goals and include ones that can be accomplished fairly quickly and easily. As you celebrate the simpler tasks, it builds momentum and focus for those goals that may take days, weeks, or months. Within each long-term goal are several achievements you can reward yourself for. When I coach leaders, goal-setting almost always comes into play. I have my clients practice breaking all goals into smaller, achievable steps to encourage celebration.

The act of celebration is a self-esteem booster, too. When you feel better about yourself, you naturally create greater outcomes in everything you do, including your relationships. Yes, celebrating a good parking spot could help you have a better conversation with your colleagues, spouse, or child.

If you are an auditory learner, or know someone who is, here is a Super Power Solution podcast from Mere Mortals Unite on this topic.

I’m available to work with you on creating a strategic plan on how and when to celebrate.  Strategic planning creates better results.   Call me @ 724-344-0728.

If you’re looking for ideas to celebrate, here is a beautiful calendar from my friends at Escape Adulthood that will give you 365 reasons to throw a party.


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