Celebration and Recognition: A Pathway to Employee Engagement

celebration and recognition

There just isn’t enough celebration and recognition in our workplaces.  We spend way too much time thinking about what went wrong or what we can do better.  That’s important, but so is the other side.  You might think about how someone did a good job, but individuals don’t usually take the time to express it.  I think mainly because they just don’t think about it.  Like every subject I have been talking about, to change that behavior isn’t difficult, but it does take commitment and repetition.

Everyone wants a paycheck, but people also want to be acknowledged and feel they are valued. The research shows that to be true. Did you know loneliness has grown in epic proportions in our world and according to the Cigna U.S. loneliness index, Americans are the loneliest? There are many reasons for loneliness, but feeling invisible is a pathway to isolation both physically and emotionally.
In the workplace, this is exasperated when companies don’t create an atmosphere for people to be recognized on a regular basis, not only by their leaders but by their peers.  A celebration can be weaved into everyday practices.


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