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I work really hard for my podcast, Businesses that Care. I work to bring you great guests, valuable information and some levity in these programs and honestly, sometimes it gets overwhelming and a bit exhausting.  So, I decided to take the summer off.  I hope you missed me and the show.  If you have never listened….you are missing out.  It gave me time to regroup and come up with some new ideas.  For instance, every other week, I am going to delve into and pass on to you, ideas from all the research I have done that cost nothing, but can have terrific results for your organization.  Let’s see no cost, more success.  That’s good, right?

I was actually proud of myself from stepping back and taking my own advice I have given to so many others…which is, when you are full up and feeling burnout is very close, take some time to breathe.  If you miss what you were doing, go back, if you are relieved to have it behind you fill the void by taking another path.  I recently wrote to a friend, in business you are going to have a lot of brilliant ideas.  Some work, some don’t.  Some fill you up with masses of Joy and then one day they don’t.  They call that life.  Get used to it.  And here is the kicker, we can use that knowledge that we learn about ourselves to continue to be amazing instead of being stuck.

This is true in a lot of different areas in our lives.  You can get an injury working out for instance.  If you behave, as I call it, you will back off and let yourself heal.  Then you can decide if you want to work back to where you left off or move onto something else or modify what you were doing before. I tore my IT Band a few years ago.  Ok, I was dancing, but not on a table.  My physical therapist told me it would take 6 months to heal, then my chiropractor told me it would be more like a year.  When I finally went to an orthopedic doctor, the prognosis was 18 months and some things would never be the same.   I am back to working out, my squats are not as deep as they once were and I had to give up dancing.  Behaving, letting go and modification.

But how does this relate to your business?  Have you ever noticed an excellent employee that has dropped a few notches in the quality of their work?  This can happen for a multitude of reasons, but one might be that they’re no longer challenged by the work they’re doing.  They might not like it at all anymore.  Conversations are an excellent tool for this dilemma.  It amazes me how often leaders are still not having a conversation with someone where there appears to be an issue.  I will go down that path another time.

Here is how a one on one encounter can increase the success of the worker, leadership and the organization.  For instance, you might find a different position in your organization that better suits their current needs, desires or skills.  In that way, you show loyalty to your employee and they will most likely show loyalty back.  Why lose an otherwise great part of your workforce?

This idea is also another reason why vacation time is so important.  You have worked so hard to hire right, create a culture where people want to do their best and do.  Why ruin it by allowing burnout.  For a long time, countries like France, have had much broader vacation day policies than we do here.  They have a standard of 36 days of paid leave.  The workers are also allowed to take an additional thirty days of vacation every year. It’s all about finding that work-life balance as they call it.

There’s a new trend here in the US to not have a specific number of days off.  They call it unlimited PTO, personal time off.  There are a growing number of companies like Hubspot and Workday that allow their workers to be adults and decide what time they can take off and still get their work done.

I did a combination of all of these.  I took some much-needed time off from searching for great guests, coordinating interviews, building these relationships and getting the finished product out to you via podcast sites, my website and social media. I created a new work-life harmony so the work I do can be at even a higher level.   Before the sabbatical, I was in a thought pattern of wondering if I even wanted to continue. I backed off and thought about what I missed and what I didn’t.  I discovered I am inspired by each of my guests and treasure the new friendships I have made.  I am excited to be able to bring you these visionary leaders so that YOU can utilize what they already know works.  And I am rewarded by my listeners.  Every idea that you take and put into practice makes a better world for us all.

My new book Catalysts of Culture is a testament to this endeavor.  In the book, I share the four attributes that all of the C-Suite leaders I have interviewed possess. Although difficult to choose, I chose fourteen guests to include for you to learn from.  You can get a copy on Amazon and if you don’t like holding a book, you can get it on Kindle too.

It is great to be back.  I have great leaders to share with you and look forward to your feedback.  If you haven’t already, subscribe anywhere you listen to podcasts so you will never miss another episode and give us a review as well.

When you are ready to take your organization to the next level of success, from the inside out, give me a call at 724-942-0486.  Let’s start working together right now!Catalysts of Culture by Julie Ann Sullivan

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