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Build Your Own Door and Stand Apart from the Rest

086 Louie La Vella

Do you feel stuck in life? Do you wish you could move forward and be more successful, but don’t know how? If so, you’ll be motivated and inspired to take action by today’s guest, Louie La Vella.

Louie is a speaker and event producer who has produced over 30 live music concerts in the past 24 months. He is often referred to as a “media-preneur” because of his unique role as a successful TV executive producer and host, in addition to being sought-after marketing and branding consultant in the music industry. Louie’s celebrity interviews have included Lady Gaga, Richard Branson, the Backstreet Boys, and more. With his unmistakable passion and energy, Louie will show you how to build and identify your own doors and break through them.

You’ll discover:

  • How Louie describes his superpower.
  • What it means to “build your own door,” and how to do it.
  • How his “build your own door” philosophy helped him become a television host.
  • How little wins can help you reach a long-term goal.
  • Why you need to focus on your strengths and outsource the rest.
  • The actions Louis takes on a daily basis to move forward.
  • How to be flexible and handle unexpected events when you’re on stage.
  • Why it’s important to celebrate your wins.

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