Delve into the minds of visionary leaders who understand that to recruit and retain great talent, you have to care with consistency. In Catalysts of Culture, Julie Ann Sullivan has brought 14 creative thinkers to your doorstep to develop your own unique significant employee experience.

Ken Blanchard,

Co-Author of the One Minute Manager and Servant Leadership in Action

Catalysts of Culture: How Visionary Leaders Activate the Employee Experience

Learn from top leaders at some of America's greatest companies as they share their experience and strategies for recruiting and retaining top talent. Discover the four attributes that are key to building a culture people want to be a part of for their entire career. Julie Ann has pulled together visionary thinkers to create one of the most compelling books of the decade.

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Employee Engagement Masterclass

Employee Engagement Masterclass

A unique online course developed to be done with teams to create engagement through the learning process. Grow your people, productivity and prosperity.

Blueprint for Employee Engagement: 37 Essential Elements to Influence, Innovate & Inspire

Employee engagement has become a term that’s been so over used, some leaders have become desensitized to its concepts or beneficial outcomes. Don’t be numbed by the overabundance of articles, apps and services in this space. If you’re a leader who wants to be successful, have a flourishing workforce and prosperous business, then this book is for you. 36 tips to put into practice, one great idea at a time. Take the challenge to influence, motivate and inspire every relationship you have.

"Julie Ann Sullivan has nailed the essence of engagement in her book, Blueprint for Employee Engagement - 37 Essential Elements to Influence Innovate & Inspire
.  A must read for any manager or leader looking to boost their own engagement or the engagement of their teams! An encyclopedia of pragmatic take-a-ways!"

Bob Kelleher, Author of Louder Than Words, 10 Employee Engagement Steps That Drive Results & Employee Engagement For Dummies

Journeys To Success: 31 International Authors Share Their Captivating Stories of Failure and Success

Welcome to Volume 7 in the Journeys to Success series! Buckle up! 31 everyday women and men share their personal stories of transforming life-shattering events into triumphant success! Based on The Success Principles of The Late Napoleon Hill.

The stories inside these pages contain powerful seeds for resilience, spiritual awakening and plain grit in the face of powerful events. If you love stories of overcoming life’s challenges, this book is for you. Over the past 80 years, Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich has been one of the Top 10 Bestselling Non-Fiction Books of all time, with over 100 million copies sold in various formats including ebooks, hardback, and paperback, apps and audiobooks. Next to the Bible, no other book comes close. The Journeys to Success series has become an international sensation, and we believe it will become a favorite for you and your family as well.

If you have a friend or loved one going through tough times, pick up a copy. They will thank you for it.

Break Through Your Glass Ceiling: Career Essentials to Get Promoted and Earn More Money (Made for Success)

Are you feeling stuck in your current job and need that certain something to get to the next level? Never fear -- the information you need is close at-hand.

In this multi-session audio program, you'll get strategies from experts to supercharge your career. Gain practical skills for moving-up and securing job promotions.

Discover the key elements of an effective elevator speech.
Create a personal vision statement to guide your daily actions.
Develop the self-discipline for exceptional performance.

With Break Through Your Glass Ceiling, you will leverage a proven system which highly paid professionals rely on to achieve promotions. Get to the next rung on the corporate ladder and give your career a boost. You work hard and you've earned it!

Work Happier: Inspiring an Engaged Workplace

This recording of the live presentation of "WorkHappier: Inspiring an Engaged Workplace" offers listeners practical methods forachieving a happier environment at work, at home, and at play. All of life isinterconnected. What affects one part seeps into the others. In addition,research shows that happier workplace environments are more productive, safer,and more profitable.

Julie Ann Sullivan's presentation will help you create a workplace environment where people are productive, engaged, and appreciated. When people are given a new way of thinking, they have a better attitude toward work and life.

This audio program is filled with a good measure of motivation and humor. Julie Ann's ideas will build a positive and productive environment into every business.

More Gratitude - Better Attitude

There is no doubt about that.

This book reminds you all that there is to be grateful for. Since it is written in a workbook style, you will have the opportunity to put into your own words what you are discovering anew.

"I am thankful that this world is filled with children. The ability to watch a child enjoy life gives me the chance to see life through their perspective. Their sense of play reminds me how important it is to continue to “play” until my last breath."

The Deluxe Edition includes spiral binding with premium paper - $19.95 includes shipping.

Call (724) 344-0728 for bulk pricing.


Julie Ann Sullivan has created a lovely book to serve as a reminder to be grateful for everything around us. In the past I have kept gratitude journals and know the power of being thankful for our blessings. Julie Ann takes this up a notch by asking us to share our gratitude in some areas that many of us just take for granted. This little spiral bound journal is easy to carry with me and has just the right amount of prompting for my thoughts each day. I'm thankful to have this to use and read over and over!

Amy Kinnaird

Reader Review

Author, speaker, and student of humor for “more than 40 years,” Julie Ann provides us with a tool to “expand our ability to be grateful.” She bases this book on her own 2011 experience, when she dedicated her entire year to "Gratitude" and journal writing her insights. Full of sayings and prompts with space for readers to fill in the blanks, Julie Ann provides us with a road-map to focusing on gratitude in our own lives. See full review...


Reader Review

What a GREAT Little book!! So much to know, and use on a day to day basis. This book will change your life. Once I started reading it I could not put it down.Very inspirational .I keep this book right next to me, in my bedroom,and carry it . It is my go to ,be thankful, be happy and be alive book of knowledge.
A must read for ALL!

CJ Woodhull

Reader Review

We all need to be more grateful. After all, you can never feel bad when you're thankful. We just get so bogged down in the day-to-day minutiae that we forget.
Once you get this book, you won't! You will find ways to be grateful, happier, and more at peace. Other books talk about it; this one helps you achieve it.

Scott 'Q' Marcus

Reader Review

Julia Ann Sullivan's book helps to open your eyes and become aware of ever so many small things in your life to be grateful for. A wonderful way to begin your day.

Paula Cohn

Reader Review


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