Bonusly CEO says, “Productivity Doesn’t Have to Look Like Misery”


Raphael Crawford Marks is the founder and CEO of Bonusly.  This program improves employee engagement and retention by providing a frictionless tool for employees to give meaningful praise and feedback.  Chobani and Survey Monkey are just a few of the companies that think this is the path to take.

Raphael shares the importance of engagement being, timely, frequent, specific, aligned with company core values, and inclusive.  It’s not enough to tell people once a year that they are doing well.  And, connecting the benefit to the company with praise makes it more meaningful and long-lasting.  Engagement is strongest when company values are an integral piece of everything the company commits to.  The inclusive piece is for those giving and receiving praise.    In addition, we talk about the importance of purpose, progress and belonging.

At Bonusly, they live what they profess.  They are very clear that culture is a continuous journey that can get better and better with an open mind to new ideas.  In addition, the company provides assistance in the measurement of increases in engagement and productivity.

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