Culture Is Not Static with Michelle Hayward, CEO of Bluedog Design

bluedog design

My guest today is Michelle Hayward, CEO of Bluedog Design.  This business consulting firm focuses on building company purpose, integrated strategy and innovation.  The leadership team at Bluedog believes that they are in service to their employees and their culture. Their focus on their humans was a big reason I invited Michelle today.  Here are four ways that Bluedog supports their humans.

  • Curiosity U – funded learning programs because learning feels good!
  • Parenting Support – Provide a guide and consultant to help with life’s everyday urgencies.
  • Concierge – take away the pain of daily grinds like car washes, or dry-cleaning pickups and drop-offs
  • Organization Navigation Tools – empower the individual to own their own growth journey by conquering known next steps in their progress


For more information about Michelle and Bluedog Design:

Bluedog Design Website

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Michelle on LinkedIn

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