The Art of Listening

Listening is an aspect of your life that you do instinctively.  You have been listening since you were born, so this ability has become second nature.  In some respects that is good, because without thinking you are aware of your surroundings.  However,…

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How to Relax in a Chaotic Life

C onstantly H urrying  A round and O utwardly S tressed? Is there truly a way to reduce the chaos in your life?  Absolutely! With your busy life, the precursors to your chaos come from a multitude of directions.  The element of…

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How Laughter Saved My Soul

I forgot one of the cardinal rules concerning adapting to any major change. Do not think that you are fully prepared for all that can happen. If you do, as I did, you will most certainly get a good swift kick in…

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Gratitude –You Can Never Have Too Much

                                        I awoke this morning thankful to see another day. If we take the time, we all can think of things to be…

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