Three Strategies to Create a Successful New Year


Welcome to 2020.  It is a new year and you are probably filled with personal and professional goals to be successful.  Unfortunately, some research has shown that less than 25% of you will keep your personal resolutions past 30 days and only 8% of you will keep them over time.  Of course, in business, this…

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Listening – Soft Skill Gone Pro – What You Need to Know


Listening seems so obvious, why call it a skill?  Why does it make such a difference?  And, how can it change an entire corporate culture? In my research on the internal atmosphere of businesses, listening was one attribute that was a consistent part of why their culture flourished.  The definition of a skill is the…

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What’s Your Attitude?

Attitude is defined as a mental position about a fact or situation.  The most important aspect of attitude is to know it is a perception you choose. Viktor Frankl wrote a book titled, A Man’s Search for Meaning.  In this small but powerful manuscript, he shares how he survived a concentration camp by understanding his…

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Paying Attention Has Great Rewards


These folks better pay attention!  Paying attention has multi-faceted benefits.  When you pay attention to what you are doing, the quality of your of your work increases.  When you pay attention to the words you use in conversation your relationships are enhanced.  As a leader, when you pay attention to what your workforce does every…

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