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Business, Passion and Empathy with Bernie Swain


Bernie Swain shares one of the biggest factors in starting and maintaining his business was having empathy for his clients. Trust grew his business to represent the biggest names in politics and the entertainment world.  Presidents, Prime Ministers, Authors, Big Thinkers and TV and Acting celebrities.

Bernie Swain is the Founder of the Washington Speakers Bureau and author of What Made Me Who I Am. The original idea was encouraged after Alex Haley told Bernie to think of our lives as being libraries and how sometimes they are overflowing with volumes and experiences and they need to be shared. In his book, he shares the experiences of different celebrities and cultural icons and how they overcame what was holding them back and had trust in the process and were able to become successful.

More info about the Washington Speakers Bureau: Founded in 1980 by Bernie, his wife Paula Swain and Harry Rhoads Jr. created a bureau that changed how the lecture industry operated. They set new standards and upon making his first deal with a client Bernie never used a signed contract.  All deals were based on trust. Since 1980 Washington Speakers Bureau has represented three presidents and has been a part of over 50,000 events.

You’ll discover:

  • The importance of trust between yourself and your client.
  • Why you need to find people that are good examples in your life.
  • How empathy can open your business up to greater success.
  • That there is a pathway for all of us to find.
  • What makes passion more important than talent.

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