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Being a Role Model at Work – Lee Cockerell


It seems like being a boss in the workplace would be an easy job. You just tell everyone else what to do, they do all the work and you call it a day. Well, that’s not exactly how it works. The entire workplace can be toxic when you have a big, bad boss. Employee turnover is higher, stress is rampant and this causes employees to miss more days of work. To top it all off, those who do show up to work are terrified and suffer through an excruciating work experience. It doesn’t have to be that way, and today’s guest is going to show us how to change it.

Lee Cockrell was the Executive VP of DisneyWorld Paris. He began his career by being the big, bad, boss! He used to scare and intimidate his employees and even shares a life changing moment. Lee is an expert in Time Management and he teaches it each and every week. But today, we aren’t focusing on time management and productivity, but we are turning to the soft skills.

Today Lee is here to share his transformation story. His focus now is to help us build great relationships at work. One of the keys to building great work relationships is understanding that you really can’t control people. Great leaders at work can improve work performance and cultivate the next generation of great leadership in the workplace. People want to come to work and learn and grow, and when you feed that part of people, the keep coming back for more.

Lee’s Bio: Former Executive Vice President, Operation for Disney World for ten years. Before Disney, Lee held executive positions with Hilton Hotels for 8 years and Marriott for 17 years. Lee now gives seminars and keynote speeches around the world on Leadership, Management and Customer Service.

You’ll discover:

  • Why being a big, bad boss didn’t serve his employees well
  • The effects of being a good role model
  • The turning point that happened about halfway through his career
  • How he took ownership of his bad behavior and began to work on himself
  • Why humiliation and intimidation didn’t work in the workplace
  • What humiliation and intimidation reveal about the person exhibiting those behaviors
  • How to create a culture where everyone matters and they know they matter
  • Why people want to do business with you when they have a good relationship with you
  • People, including employees, want to be valued and acknowledged
  • Be careful what you say and do because people are always watching
  • Why Lee’s children told him, “Dad, everything was fine until you got here.”
  • The one work trip that Lee makes his grandchildren take with him each year
  • How Lee makes himself available to the next generation each day. He’s accessible!
  • Spend your time where you can make a difference. If you can’t make a difference, don’t spend your time on it.
  • Why you should do the hard things
  • Why Lee jokingly says his Mother was a terrorist!
  • Find out Lee’s superpower!

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