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How to Create a Culture of Engagement – Beacon Communities


One of the hallmarks of a successful company is a culture of employee engagement. These companies don’t just see employees as workers. Rather, they view every team member as a critical part of the organization’s success. Today’s guest reveals how his company engages and develops team members, and why these efforts have been so successful.

Jeff Baker is the President of Beacon Communities, a Boston-based real estate company. The company website says, “Great housing changes lives and nurtures dreams.” Jeff details how Beacon Communities enhances not only his customers’ lives, but those of his team members as well. They do this through a wide variety of initiatives that have transformed their workplace culture. This episode is packed with practical ideas you can put into practice today to help improve the culture of your organization.

More info about Beacon Communities: Beacon Communities LLC’s team of highly experienced residential real estate professionals develop, own, and manage over 12,000 apartments across 70 communities throughout New England, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. They have a proud forty-plus year history of building and managing award-winning residential communities that serve a diverse cross-section of society and make enduring contributions to the cities in towns where they are located.

You’ll discover:

  • Why Beacon’s workplace culture is different, and what prompted the changes.
  • How they kept a small company culture as they grew.
  • The value of using cross-functional teams to implement ideas and impact your organization.
  • The story behind “Beacon University” and how it has helped changed their culture.
  • The value of transparency in employee surveys.
  • How Beacon uses New Hire Lunches, 90-day onboarding programs, and their internship program to develop and communicate with team members.
  • Ideas for bringing generations together in the workplace.
  • Jeff’s thoughts on the future of the company.

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