How to Control Your Attitude & Why Does It Matter, with Julie Ann Sullivan


Now I have the opportunity to speak to you about one of my favorite topics, attitude.  This is truly the one aspect of your life that you are entirely in control of.  I highly suggest you utilize this personal power and accept it as a gift along with its responsibilities.  Once you realize you have expansive personal power over your attitude, then your feelings, your reactions, even your daily routines become a personal choice.  If you’ve been living, as many of us do, allowing the rest of the world to shape your approach to life, it can be a tough habit to change.  First, there’s acceptance of this pretty big superpower you have.

This may be your biggest hurdle.  So, don’t worry about it, it means you’re human.  It’s definitely going to take some time getting used to.  Taking control of your attitude is a life long journey.

Here are some questions to help you change your attitude to your advantage.  First of all, ask yourself whether you even pay attention to it now.  If you do, think about how your attitude affects your work performance.  If you don’t pay attention to your attitude, ask yourself what benefits you would discover if you did.  That is the way to find your own why.  Why you might want to learn more about your own attitude and the behavior that follows, so you can take control of it more often.  See the opportunities, the benefits and then move towards them.

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