The Successful Mixture of Paying Attention and Focus

attention and focus

Paying attention and focus is a part of life that people, in general, don’t even think about.   Parts of your life become so automatic you never think about taking the time to listen to and actually see your own words or thoughts or deeds.  This automatic behavior can be very disruptive.  When you make mis takes in your life because you didn’t take the time to pay attention, fixing them expends more energy than would have been necessary if you had only paid attention in the first place.  And, the damage you may create to relationships, may be difficult to correct.

In a work environment, the simple act of paying attention creates higher quality work, in both services or products.  Attention creates greater focus which leads to fewer failures, errors, quality defects and accidents.  You all know how that can disrupt your work environment.  Your premeditated culture, though, can help in weathering any of those types of events.

Focusing on multitasking is an oxymoron.  You CAN do more than one activity at a time, but you can’t do them all well.  You want to train your brain to focus on what’s right in front of you.  Paying attention and enhancing your ability to focus are skills, which means you can get better at it.  You can actually teach your brain not to wander.  I’m a “squirrel” kind of woman, so I know how difficult this can be, but I have found that it’s worth the effort.  When you focus on each moment in time, you have a much clearer sense of purpose.  This ability allows you to utilize your experience and expertise for maximum performance.  The benefits of paying attention include better work quality, increased profit and overall better moral of your workforce. Starve your distractions.  Feed your focus.

listen for a few examples of what you can deliberately choose to do to increase these skills and their effectiveness in your workplace environment.  In a world where you see millions of bits of information every day, paying attention has become a skill that needs to be reintroduced and retooled.

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