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Always Do Your Best

always do your best

This episode of Mere Mortals Unite explores a super power solution contained in the book, The Four Agreements, by Don Miquel Ruiz. The four agreements are simple, not easy and their impact is deep.

This episode looks at the agreement, always do your best.   The concept seems so obvious and simple until you get a true understanding of what that means.  It is the action piece for all the agreements to work together.   

Knowing when you are doing your best comes from inside, not from other people’s opinions.  If you don’t think you are acting at your peak performance, you’re not.  You’re at the top of your game when you find purpose in your actions.

Finding what’s worthwhile for everything you do, creates an opportunity to do your best.  The secret is, it changes every moment and that’s an opportunity to succeed in your professional and personal life.  

You’ll discover “the Best”:Always do your best

  • Flows into everything you do.
  • It’s different every moment
  • The concept is affected by the way you live your life
  • Creates intensity and success
  • Is increased when you find your purpose in any endeavor or activity

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