Julie Ann was a perfect fit for this tough crowd and absolutely exceeded our expectations….I was impressed with all of the background she did on our company to prepare for this event. As soon as she kicked off her presentation her level of professionalism and talent was very evident. Read More…

Sean K. McLananhan

CEO, McLanahan

… It was amazing to see how something as simple as “laughter” can make a positive impact on a corporate office’s mentality when dealing with difficult and stressful situations. … Your confidence in what you do and your passion to help others live a better and happier life is apparent.  Read More…

Deborah A. Mossa

Vice President, General Manager Philadelphia Region, McDonalds USA

Julie Ann’s presentation on Gratitude at our Annual Community Support Program (CSP) Recovery Awards Luncheon was timely, inspiring and well-received. In a lively, upbeat way Julie Ann was able to put into words the importance of being grateful even when things aren’t perfect and that gratitude can help in all circumstances, even for individuals who face daily challenges in their lives. Her presentation was humorous and down to earth, and was delivered in a thoughtful, sensitive manner to a unique audience. Thank you, Julie Ann – Westmoreland County CSP is grateful for you and your positive message!!

Jill Kowalewski

Westmoreland County Behavioral Health/Developmental Services

Julie Ann presented a training to our managers and supervisors. I appreciated Julie Ann’s steps of engaging of our Leadership Team in preparation of the training.  She was timely about all items and steps of the process.  

The training was engaging to all staff in attendance. Her use of humor was appropriate and enjoyable.  The staff evaluation and feedback from her training was very positive and many mentioned appreciating how she emphasized the importance of being fully present. Julie Ann held a follow up call with the majority of the attendees.  Understanding more about what motivates others was one of the great outcomes from her presentation.  Some shared they are using the training points for not only work but applying to their home life with success.

The written evaluations demonstrated that staff who attended shared many ways they would use the tools and experience with other staff with whom they interact but may not supervise. They also took that opportunity to suggest work meetings or situations going forward that may lend themselves to this training content and activities. Finally, many indicated a value in working again with Julie Ann for additional training and consultation to help expand her message to all staff rather than only to the managers/supervisors.

Brenda L. Lawrence, MSW

SWAN Program Administrator | FDR Executive Director at Family Design Resources, Inc.

Women’s Energy Network (WEN) was fortunate to welcome Julie Ann Sullivan to our 2015 Kick off Event this January. She did a wonderful talk about handling stress in a chaotic life to the board of directors and committee chair members. All of the women talked highly of her calming and motivational talk. I was absolutely perplexed at her ability to get us all to be quite and relax for several minutes with an activity she conducted. I highly recommend Julie at any event you have planned. You won’t be disappointed!

Tara Meek

Senior Environmental Specialist and WEN President

After speaking with Julie Ann, I immediately knew she would bring value to our corporate conference. Her enthusiasm and wide range of experience was a perfect fit for our sales employees who were travelling in from all different parts of the world. As the coordinator for this meeting, I appreciated Julie Ann’s thoroughness in preparing for the presentation and truly wanting to understand our company and our needs.  For a late afternoon session, she kept everyone’s attention. Not only was she engaging, funny and charismatic but she was able to get everyone in the room involved (over 70 people) with her activities. Julie Ann also communicated her points clearly with great examples that everyone could relate to. I am excited to work with Julie Ann again in the future and I would highly recommend her for any corporate function.

Heather DeRensis Wilt

McClanahan Corporation, Global Director of Marketing & Communications

Julie Ann Sullivan loves what she does and it shows! She is very organized, punctual and determined. She was a delight to have as our first speaker for Meeting Professionals International Education Meetings. She was interactive with the audience and had great information on how to work happier in a chaotic life! The exercises she had us do is now something I put into my daily routine to ease the stress of my job. -- and let me tell you what a difference it has made so far! You will not be disappointed by Julie Ann Sullivan.

Stepahnie Montavon

Catering Sales Manager, Pittsburgh Marriott City Center

Julie Ann’s sessions addressed needed interpersonal, human resource skills that are often overlooked in staff development. Her programs assisted our professionals in the first step of student achievement – establishing relationships with students. Her sessions were so well received by attendants and the veteran teachers involved that we plan to continue using her services in our three-year Induction Program. I unequivocally recommend Julie Ann as a viable option for professional staff development.

Dr. Roberta DiLorenzo

Superintendent, Washington School District

Thanks for giving women something positive to think about

Joni Podrasky

WOMEN of Southwestern PA Event

Julie Ann Sullivan is a breath of fresh air. Her presentation on gratitude was exceptional. The audience laughed, cried and gave a standing ovation. I recommend Julie Ann as a speaker or facilitator to any organization who wants to increase teamwork, appreciate their staff, host a leadership retreat or offer a learning opportunity to their workforce. You will be filled with gratitude when you realize the impact of her teachings!

Beth Caldwell Communications

Founder – Pittsburgh Professional Women

Julie Ann’s presentation to the Pittsburgh Human Resources Association on Collaboration was engaging and fun. The retention of great ideas was made easier through her interactive style. The techniques she shared had relevancy and great purpose. Therefore, I have successfully incorporated them into my own work environment. Julie Ann’s passion and expertise is obvious in her work. I look forward to participating in her workshops in the near future.

Mylene Zupan

Director of HR & Training at The Bradley Center

Julie Ann’s presentation on creating laughter and joy in our lives was a perfect way to start our new year. Our teachers found it full of positive energy and useful ideas for their classrooms and their lives. Some even commented it was the best in-service ever! Julie Ann’s energy and humor mirrors what she taught to us. It certainly brightened our day and will continue to do so. I look forward to working with Julie Ann again in the future.

Patricia Braendle, M. Ed.

Director of Education Easter Seals Western and Central Pennsylvania

Thank you for speaking to the participants of NEW Leadership Pennsylvania. Your presentation on professional communication was crucial for the success of the program. The information you presented were put to good use all week. The participants had positive comments and immediately put into practice what you taught. It is always great to have such great partners for NEW Leadership!

Dana Brown, Executive Director

Chatham University

I really enjoyed your How Leaders Can Inspire Others to be Happier at Work training at the Duquesne University Leadership Breakfast Series. I found the training informative and inspiring. I felt like it was a combination of The Secret and Think and Grow Rich. I was on the edge of my seat as if the seminar was taught by the likes of Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Bob Proctor or John C. Maxwell. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring individuals!!!

Kelly Russell

Program Administrator, City of Pittsburgh/Pittsburgh Partnership

Julie Ann’s presentation style is both engaging and relaxing. She brings an energy to a room that makes you just keep thinking “I wonder what will be next.” It’s not fluff – what Julie Ann is teaching and sharing is impactful and can be applied immediately after the session. And in the process she will make you laugh and smile.

Eric Kulikowski

Leadership Coach & Speaker, Dare To Be Amazing

I wanted to thank you for coming to speak with our group and for helping the Wounded Warriors! Heard so much positive feedback from everyone – one lady who has been a member for years told me that yours was the best presentation she has ever seen at the group!

Linda Burke

Co-Chair Entertainment Committee, Green Tree Woman’s Civic Club

Julie Ann delighted the audience with her keynote presentation on gratitude for the Wise Women fundraiser. Everyone was listening, laughing, and hanging on her next words; no phone fiddling or purse rustling here. I was truly grateful she shared her experiences and wisdom with us.

Sarah Kohl, M.D.

President and Founder of TravelReadyMD

Julie Ann engaged retreat participants, nudged them out of their comfort zones a bit and then gave them tools to handle difficult situations. Through real life examples, she brought these tools to life. Julie Ann made a positive impact on our retreat participants.

Grace Markum, President, High Impact2, Inc.

Facilitator, Leadership Westmoreland

Julie Ann’s presentation “Laugh Often…Live Well” was the perfect kick off to our staff and faculty Wellness Retreat. Julie Ann had our group engaged the moment she was in front of them. Not only was she entertaining, she hit every important take-away that we had discussed during our pre-planning meeting. She delivered a laughter filled keynote address with a powerful message about how to bring more laughter and joy to our work and our personal responsibility to do so. Her session contained practical “how to” ways to train your mind and body to be more positive and laugh more often.

Shannon Harvey

Gettysburg Campus Vice President, HACC

Julie Ann’s presentation “Laugh Often…Live Well” was the perfect kick off to our staff and faculty Wellness Retreat. Julie Ann had our group engaged the moment she was in front of them. Not only was she entertaining, she hit every important take-away that we had discussed during our pre-planning meeting. She delivered a laughter filled keynote address with a powerful message about how to bring more laughter and joy to our work and our personal responsibility to do so. Her session contained practical “how to” ways to train your mind and body to be more positive and laugh more often.

Matthew D. Della Porta, Ph.D.

Happiness Expert and Data Scientist

I had the opportunity to meet with and listen to Julie Ann at my most recent Vistage meeting. Her topic is appropriate for ANY business! Her delivery is laid back but very informative. My advice would be to sit back, listen, enjoy and learn!

Debbie Uht

President, PCMSI

Julie Ann is excellent in subtly getting her point across using a very interactive and participative presentation format. From start to finish, she will hold your attention and draw you in using creative forms of interaction that lets everyone participate in a very comfortable non-threatening environment. I have attended her workshop on Communication, which was quite informative, as well as entertaining. The group thoroughly enjoyed her tips on listening, as well as her points on habits to keep, and habits to improve upon for better listening skills. I would highly recommend this entertaining and thought provoking program to any person, group, or organization that is looking to enhance their communication skill set.

Michael Toney, Area Manager – Paychex HR Solutions

Pittsburgh Human Resources Association – Education Chair

Julie Ann recently spoke to a professional organization which I am a member of on how to relax in a chaotic life. She is a tremendous, knowledgeable speaker and kept participants engaged until the very end. I am a partner at a CPA firm and mother of two, so managing my life leaves little to no time to relax. Julie Ann provided simple and useful techniques that I have employed in my daily routine. In a profession where I am constantly measuring results, I have been pleased with the noticeable changes in the quality of my life and relationships (both business and personal) I highly recommend Julie Ann’s presentation and look forward to engaging her for future presentations.

Melissa Bizyak

Partner, Grossman, Yanak & Ford

Careful, detail oriented and passionate, Julie Ann brings deep thoughts and concepts to the surface where they can be understood by all. Her passion and delivery endear you to her and her message.

Bob Lee

Information technology and services Consultant EQT

Julie Ann is a fantastic speaker with a wealth of information and practical advice. She exudes positivity and focuses on simple tasks to improve your own engagement in your every day life – and those that can be taught in the workplace to improve overall morale and productivity. I highly recommend Julie Ann as a speaker for workplace engagements or coaching for middle/upper managers that want to improve their team’s performance.

Jennifer Ploskina

Business Development Director, BI Worldwide

It was easy for me to follow along with Julie Ann’s presentation on the value of “happier workers” because I too believe in the power of attitude and positive thinking. Regardless of the mood you enter the presentation with, you’ll leave feeling totally refreshed and with a different attitude about your ability to work happier and to enlist happiness at work as well. Having spent twenty-eight years in the Air Force, I understand the importance of a cohesive and dare I say happy crew. Julie Ann provides several practical tips to help energize your team. Her effort doesn’t stop there, she also provides a host of helpful links to additional information that won’t leave you searching for next steps as you implement happiness at work. One of the secrets I walked away with was the fact that “your attitude starts with you”, and so too does the next step. Take that step and contact Julie Ann. You’ll be happier if you do, and it may be the way to help turn your team around.

Military Program Director

Duquesne University School of Leadership and Professional Advancement

- I want to carry Julie Ann in my purse!
- Better than coffee in the afternoon!
- Julie Ann was awesome, entertaining and very motivating.
- Laughter is the key to changing your whole life … Great!

Participants from Inspired Women’s Conference

Your presentation at our annual meeting was more engaging that even I had anticipated. Many of the participants have commented over and over again as to how motivating your talk was and how the health aspects of laughter are often overlooked. I would definitely recommend you to groups considering including you in an event or as a standalone speaking engagement. Kudos!

Alicia Hundson, Responsible Care and HES Corporate Covernance

Bayer Corporation


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