30 Day Gratitude Challenge – Self Imposed

GratitudeWhere did November go?  You know once you get into December; the whole world seems to become a blur.  I did not decorate this year or have many parties to go to and yet it all flew by.  Of course I traveled until the 16th so that might have something to do with it. 

However, I so wanted to pass along my journey through this challenge and how I did it, so that you might be willing to challenge yourself as well.  It doesn’t really matter what month it is.  The 11th and  28th are the only entries that are time sensitive in the list below. 

Several years ago, I brought myself out of the depths of despair by keeping a gratitude journal for nearly 5 months every day.  It worked like a charm and I can confidently say that gratitude is now a part of my being at a cellular level.  To say that it changes my life’s perspective is not doing the process justice.  If you try it yourself, I feel comfortable in saying it will dramatically change your life too.  The longer you practice, the more change you will see.

So November was like a refresher course for me.  I like self-imposed challenges because they make you even more aware of how resistant you are to change.  I would ask myself a question like, “How hard is it to write one sentence a day?”  I recommend that you try this out. The secret is to not read what you wrote in the day(s) before. For those of you who lack will power, using a pad and flipping the page every day helps.  Someday perhaps, ecology will overrule your lack of will power.  At the end of the month, look back at what you have written.  There always seems to be duplications and I find them a teaching moment for myself. 

I would love to hear how it works for you.  Please write to me at: [contentblock id=1 img=gcb.png]

Here is my list:

30 days of GRATITUDE – November 2013

  1. Grateful my son finally learns how to do his own laundry…at 19
  2. Grateful I found Contra dancing, where ladies are always right
  3. A double grateful Sunday.  Making seniors smile with my dancing “hep cat” friends and soaking in the natural beauty of the day
  4. Grateful to understand that timing is everything and there are truly no accidents
  5. Grateful for me! Taking the time to care for myself instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut off, (a sobering thought) or, burning the candle at both ends, (not very efficient), or stretching myself too thin, (would that really be so bad?)
  6. Grateful to wake up early enough to witness a sky full of cotton ball pink clouds
  7. Grateful to be a part of World Laughter Tour
  8. Grateful that someone shared with me that I inspire them
  9. Grateful for safe travels home
  10. Grateful my niece got a full time job
  11. Grateful there are people who are willing to serve
  12. Grateful for a very productive day
  13. Grateful my upstairs neighbor came home late but did not roam around all night
  14. Grateful for my relationship with my son AND his friends
  15. Grateful for my business coach who was right there when I needed her.  There are no accidents!
  16. Grateful for dancing the night away
  17. Grateful for my friend Tracy, who always makes me believe, even when it is hard
  18. Grateful for the best assistant and the best dog in the universe!
  19. Grateful that I am able to turn the blahs into the whoopeeees!
  20. Grateful for lowering my expectations to enjoy an evening just to be
  21. Grateful to connect and laugh with a missed friend
  22. Grateful to recognize my limitations
  23. Grateful for learning the lesson of allowing space for people to come to me.
  24. Grateful for a stranger giving me 5 extra hours in my day, by asking to switch ushering nights. 
  25. Grateful for safe travels and a son that can share the driving
  26. Grateful for having terrific cousins
  27. Grateful for having a friend say publically I was one of his favorite people.  How sweet is that?
  28. Grateful for being able to recognize gluttony.  You have to see, to change.
  29. Grateful for the opportunity to get accountants laughing
  30. Grateful that I learned more of what is important in life 


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